Writing Prompt:Treetop Sunglasses

Just outside my apartment window, a pair of cheap, hipster-looking sunglasses are hanging from a tree branch in the woods that run right into the back of my building. I live on the second floor, and the glasses are level with my window. There is a metal fence just below them, but the top is lined with barbed wire. I’m perplexed and intrigued by these sunglasses, and a little worried that I have been leaving my window blinds open too often, if someone has been that close peeping in.

If you’ve been sitting in front of a blank page for a while, itching to write but unsure where you want to start this time, maybe this will help. Just how did those glasses get in that tree? Why put them there in the first place? You can use every detail provided here or just use this as a premise.

Happy writing!

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