Writing Prompt: Road Rage

I was driving my Corgi to the dog park in rush hour traffic and inevitably got stuck at a light. However, the wait turned out to be entertaining. At the light ahead of me, I could see the ramp leading off the interstate. A woman with crazy curly hair was stamping around with the door of her silver SUV wide open, and seemed to be yelling at the man in the old, blue sedan behind her. She was waving her hands and pacing, and I looked for evidence of a fender bender but couldn’t see any damage. Even more interesting, the extremely large bald man in the brown truck next to this woman’s SUV got out and started yelling at her. She completely ignored him. I wasn’t close enough to hear any words, but she and the man in the truck had to have been holding up everyone behind them during the green light because my light was red. Yet nobody honked until the woman and the bald man got back in their cars and started moving. Then the horns went off like crazy.

If you’ve been sitting in front of a blank page for a while, itching to write but unsure where you want to start this time, maybe this will help. What was the woman so angry about? Did the man in the truck know her or was he a stranger? Did either of them know the poor guy in the blue sedan? Feel free to use all of the details provided here or merely use the basics as an inspiration for your story.

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Happy writing!

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